Following the successful release of Chicago house DJ/Producer’s, Matt Warren, ‘Music Is My Life’ LP, the indie music collective, Wake Up Music, is gearing up to share that album’s remix LP. The decision came from Wake Up Music and creative director, MyMy LadyG (Pepper Gomez), who wanted the world’s premier DJs to step into the studio and deliver a stand out remix of tracks from ‘Music Is My Life’. The results? 9 DJs from all over the country brought us 10 incredible remixes that will drop in July 2019.

Remixers include legendary dance music icon, John Morales, Brooklyn’s DJ Spinna, Al Kent, Ralphi Rosario, DJ Lil Tal, Marcus Mixx, Dominic Sustaita, James Flowers, and Michael Garza. View the tracklist down below to see which remix each DJ had their hand on:

01 How Do I Love Thee–Ralphi Rosario Big Love Radio Remix 3:43
02 The Way to My Heart–DJ Spinna Galactic Soul Remix 7:21
03 Catch Me If You Can–JohnMorales M+M Mix 7:12
04 Get On Up–Thank God It’s Tal Remix 8:13
05 Going Deeper–That Dude Dom Club Mix 9:09
06 Musica Es Mi Vida–James Flowers Remix 6:42
07 Bang the Box–Marcus Mixx Remix 9:56
08 LaRosa–Michael A Garza Deep Future Mix Extended 7:33
09 Sometimes–Al Kent Mix 6:12
10 How Do I Love Thee–Ralphi Rosario Big Love Remix 6:19

Ralphi Rosario’s remix of ‘How Do I Love Thee’ has the privilege of opening up the album ahead of its release in July. The funky, soulful remix drives the original track to a different height and dance floor. Move and groove your way as it’ll leave you wanting more of the album!

‘Music Is My Life’ Remix LP is due on July 19th, 2019.

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