If you’re still wondering about the “DJ Tools” Skrillex plans on finishing and releasing soon, you’ve received a golden answer in the form of a cryptic tweet. A crafty screenshot of Ableton shows regions filled in to form the OWSLA Symbol. This is a clear sign something special is cooking, but the proof is outside of the window. Two files “Fuji Opener” and “Mumbai Power” are located above the window…and by the look of it, the tracks are dated to release midnight this Friday.

The image below, which features an OWSLA symbol written in Ableton Live, also has a deeper meaning if you look at the project files. The same tracks — “Fuji Opener” and “Mumbai Power” are reiterated.

This has all but been confirmed to be the first of hopefully SEVERAL releases from his studio. We know for a fact there’s more than two exciting new IDs he’s been cooking up.

Stay tuned for the expected release tonight at 12PM est / 9PM pst!

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