Cheesing in a portrait alongside two of his pet owls, Pasquale Rotella revealed that he is thinking about holding two EDCs in the future. In the post, he mainly talks about how healing a weekend like this can be for friends who go together, and for society as a whole.

“To get a renewed sense of optimism about our world, the role music plays in bringing us all together & a reaffirmation of what love & kindness can do to overcome the divisiveness that is so prevalent in society today,” he says in the post. “Coming together after being apart for so long is a gift & so necessary. I’m still buzzing from all of you bringing your positive energy. ✨ Getting to meet so many of you, hearing your stories & feeling your love is what keeps me working harder & wanting to create unique experiences for all of you. Thank you for that energy. 🙏🏻

“My mind is telling me we should do EDCLV twice a year, but my body is still on the fence 😂 Whether you raved from home with us during our livestreams or were with us in the desert, I hope that you all felt the magic & love as much as I did. Can’t wait to see you all in May for #EDCLV2022 😎”

While he is excited mentally for the idea of two annual trips to Las Vegas, he acknowledges that may tax both himself and potentially several others. Of course, having an alternate weekend may help[ those who need more options to unite under the electric sky while balancing other parts of their life.

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