EDC’s future is on everyone’s minds considering that Insomniac CEO Pasquale Rotella said himself he had important info to relay in due time after his weekend at Electric Forrest. Though that news is still to come within two weeks according to his latest stream on Instagram Live, Rotella still had some important updates to convey to us.

The waves of news that came from Metro Boomin’s big reveal of Drake at the Bass Pod and DJ Khaled’s rather embarrassing set at Cosmic Meadow will not be the beginning of a new era under the Electric sky. Rotella made a firm point in his broadcast about EDC remaining a Dance Music focused festival. He added that while hip-hop won’t be on the main lineup, but DJs are of course welcome to bring out guests for cameos as they please.

Rotella also took the time to debunk the latest stream of rumors that EDC will be moving to a two-weekend format. Furthermore, Nocturnal Wonderland’s “downgrade” to a two-day event is meant to focus on returning the festival to its nature as an intimate event and decrease the oversaturation of festival marketing.

Finally, Rotella re-iterated what he said a year or so ago during a “town hall” of sorts on Twitter about HARD and its relation to Live Nation: Insomniac had owned HARD long before Gary Richards decided to split from their events. Though Richards is leaving, it seems the events company will still be left to operate on its own.


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