As an important source of education and information about music, Revolt is presenting “Rave in the Rearview:” a series on rave music in the 90’s with Pasquale Rotella. After more than 20 years of throwing events and succeeding in making EDC a globally recognized brand, Rotella wants to bring a sense of history to the vibes that he creates at the core of his festivals and events. Pasquale used to throw underground parties in many of Los Angeles’ storied neighborhoods beginning in the early ’90s and now hosts hundreds of club events around California and brings Electric Daisy Carnival all around the globe from Vegas to India to New York and Mexico. Rotella has been dominating the EDM festival scene for years and doesn’t seem like he’ll by stopping anytime soon.

“It was too good for people not to get,” he says in the preview video for the series. In it, he explores the old warehouses and venues he threw parties in, checkered floors, “beautiful” stock rooms, and all. These videos on the culture will be an important and “educating” piece to watch.

Be sure to watch REVOLT Presents: Rave in the Rearview airing Monday, September 5 (Labor Day) at 6 PM ET / 3PM PST on REVOLT.

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