If a stage is named after you, seeing something you don’t like on it on a constant basis may drive you to be a bit upset. Such is the case with Perry Ferrell in regards to Perry’s stage; the Lollapalooza co-founder remarks on how he hates what modern EDM represents, saying he wants to “vomit it out of his nostrils.” Farrell grew up attending clubs and dancing to house music and has been doing DJ gigs since the ’90s, but he’s not excited by the new wave of EDM artists who are driving the rave scene in America.

When they said they wanted to name a stage after me (when the festival relaunched in 2005), I was honored,” he says. “I like the adulation. But now you say, ‘Perry, what’s going on with your area here?’ Believe me, I’ve got questions myself. I hate EDM. I want to vomit it out of my nostrils. I can’t stand what it did to what I love, which is house music, which was meditative, psychedelic — it took you on a journey. … I sometimes cringe at my own festival.”

Ferrell remarks in his original interview with the Chicago Tribune that he wants to do his own project; this will be a show that he wants to do on his own terms. “You’d have to do away with pop to escape it, and if you want to do a festival you can’t do away with pop,” he remarks. “The only way to change things is by changing things myself. At my new project, there will be great house music. I hope I will keep EDM at the door. They will be turned away.”


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