Porter Robinson’s latest album Nurture will be with us soon, with a second single released today to tide us over. Something Comforting is a project Robinson started five years ago during a dark and creatively stagnant time in his life. He said in a short message about the song that the one minute demo he wrote back then was one of the only things he was stoked about making during that period, but it took his 2019 songwriting sensibilities to bring it to life as a full song. Now matured to a length of about four and a half minutes, the song once again features Robinson’s serene voice, a mesmerizing guitar riff, and the powerful chord progression in the breakdown that he claims to have looped more than 100 times. Both singles indicate that this new album will be full of unique surprises.

Check out the single in your streaming service of choice and draw a little doodle on the album art via porterrobinson.com.

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