Porter Robinson re-invented himself yet again to present his newest EP Virtual Self, under the guise of the same name. Out on all streaming platforms today, the EP introduces us to the two characters who drive inspiration behind the five tracks. Technic_angel, who starts the EP with “Partlcle Arts” and brings it to a close with Key and the first single EON BREAK, has more of an ethereal positive side while Pathfinder, who presents Ghost Voices and a.i.ngel (Become God) has a more mysterious side. This EP is presented like an album in the sense that every track blends together; the spoken word outro of Particle Arts, for example, is made to slow down and begin the second track which is in the same key. Because of all the visual stimuli that goes along with the music, it’s safe to say there’s a narrative that Robinson intended upon releasing it, but there are many different takeaways that fans can have upon experiencing the whole package themselves.

Check out the full EP below.

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