This past week, 12th Planet was scheduled to host a live stream, Swamplex Next Level, but with the Black Lives Matter movement growing stronger each day, 12th Planet made the decision to postpone his show to give respect for the protests. After some reflection, he announced that the show is back on! Thursday, June 18th from 8pm – 10:30 pm PST Swamplex Next Level will be streaming live. He gives this explanation behind why he decided to go through with the online event:

“Dance music is universal and if there is one way I feel comfortable expressing myself, it’s by doing what I have been doing for the past 20 years, which is, play the music that I love so much for people that want to hear it.”

In his follow up, “For some, this may be just another Dubstep set, but for me and the team of people who worked hard on this show, it’s a result of some very smart and creatives coming together to do something innovative. Honestly, I just want to bring some fun to people even if for just a few hrs.”

What a great way to use your platform to express yourself and still give back to your fans and community. During the event, they will be taking donations and sending all proceeds to NAACP – Legal Defense Fund. The event will be streamed live on Insomniac’s channels.

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