Josh Tonnissen is a electronic music producer, who was formerly known under the pseudonym Praxis, and has reinvented himself under the new moniker, Konjecture. The new project is the result of hours and time dedicated to the journey and exploration of the creative process Josh has put into his new sound design. Akin to the Monarch Butterfly that migrates along the California coast, Konjecture represents the burst of creative energy that invigorate the balance between focus and spontaneity. A quick preview at his album and you will find Konjecture talented modulating synths, an impeccable skill for percussion, and blends of driving grooves and basslines that let it all fall into place.

The future of sound is all around us, we just need to recognize the moment of inspiration and filter all distractions to authentically experience life through an audified experience” -Konjecture

A few personal standouts after listening to the previews include Momentum and Ballad of the Tarantula. ‘Mometum’ takes listeners on a quick blip into the future with an elongated synth chord that arppegiates along with drums into deeply progressive, minimal techno breakdown. ‘Ballad of the Tarantula’ is something you would hear deep in the jungle parties of Tulum, a mesmerizing, sonic display of tribalism. You can preview the rest of the album down below and hear the sheer ingenuity that is Konjecture.

Konjecture’s ‘Catching Butterflies’ LP is out February 15th, 2018 on Omniscient Records.

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