Five minutes into EDC Las Vegas 2019 was enough time for a man to strip to his birthday suit and chill at QuantumVALLEY. A video of this man “living his best life” surfaced and was a hot topic of the weekend. This same man hopped on Reddit to redeem himself and explain what happened. Some big highlights here; though he admitted to taking 6-8 tabs of acid, the security let him in for the last two days with a $40 replacement fee. Better still, the DJ who opened the stage that day guestlisted him for all of his future events!

Probably the coolest takeaway from this thread is the open discussion about drug use and the measured responses from the OP. For example, when asked about “Ego Death,” he said this:

“I would define ego death as a mindset of disconnection from your physical and mental self as an individual and an overwhelming feeling of connection with the world and people around you, including their history, experiences, feelings, etc. In that state of mind, my sense of time was almost completely gone (there was a while in the medical tent where I honestly thought I would feel that way forever).

I was consumed with thoughts about the people around me (and my friends and family who were not present in that moment), and an appreciation for them being who they are and putting the efforts they do towards what they care about. I imagined the paths and decisions that got all of us to where we were in that moment in time, and how intricate the web of connections and interactions had to be to make (for example) an event like EDC possible.

This feeling was especially striking with the medical personnel, who obviously put themselves under severe stress and take the lives of other people into their hands for a short time in order to care for other people who are often having the worst moments of their lives. Just imagining the strength of character and commitment to such a wonderful and necessary institution within society literally brought me to tears and gave me a sense of thorough gratitude to be where I was in that moment, even if it was in the medical tent at EDC.

It could certainly affect people differently based on their mindset and the dose they take of course, but I think the sense of gratitude and appreciation for these minute details of existence that is possible under such a mindset far exceeds what is possible in normal everyday life. I also think many of these realizations that I experienced in those moments of intense stress and confusion will stay with me for life, for better or worse.

Many of the fleeting thoughts and feelings in the moment are nearly impossible to describe or even recall properly, which is why I have to describe it in more broad strokes terms like the “mindset” I was in.”

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