Porter Robinson’s Second Sky turned everyone’s Saturday into a high energy festival. The event went from 11 to 1 AM and featured long and short sets from several DJs and live acts, each with their own unique setup. If you want to experience it ALL again… luckily, the whole marathon broadcast is available now via Twitch.

Every set had a new audiovisual experience to offer. Whether it was DJ Potaro’s genius pre-recorded electro house set(unplugged speakers and all), to a sick power hour with trippy visuals from Shadient, to an all Emoji performance from Doss. Robinson himself played an array of fun new tunes from his upcoming album, including unique new takes on his classics…and one of the best Lil B freestyles we’ve ever heard? …make that TWO.

Check out the full broadcast, with stunning fan art in the interludes between sets, via Porter Robinson’s Twitch channel.

Porter Robinson


DJ Potaro



G Jones


Hakushi Hasegawa

Jai Wolf

Kizuna AI


kz (livetune)

Lil Texas



Porter Robinson

San Holo




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