Back in August, Rezz and Malaa hinted that they may be creating some track magic together. Their Twitter exchange got everyone fired up and excited, hoping for for a part two of their “Lunatic Tour”.

Since then, all has been quiet about that collaboration, and Rezz has other hinted collabs in the mix that have been creating buzz. We have a lot to look forward to out of our favorite Space Mom.

Then, finally and out of the blue, we got what we were had been waiting for. Rezz, who played her second annual RezzRocks in Colorado yesterday, dropped the Malaa collaboration track at the show, to the surprise of everyone. To the surprise of no one, it was awesome. It has the house style of Malaa mixed with the space beats of Rezz, and we could not be more excited about it. While an official release has not happened yet and we don’t even know its name, we have show goers to thank for being able to thank for capturing it. The rest of us who are having serious FOMO and were not at Red Rocks can, for a bit, pretend like we were. Rezz retweeted user @FortExcalibur’s capturing of the track, which you can see below:

Were you there for RezzRocks? Thoughts on this collab? Is anything coming next? Let us know your thoughts!

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