Life long friends and tastemakers, RP&SB are proud to present a three act project formally known as Creature. It’s a soundscape about life: the highs, the lows, friendship, breakups, dysfunctional family, the list goes on. All three acts have been released on RP&SB’s own label imprint, Vibeland, which serves as the hub for all of their creative projects. Act I takes listeners on rambunctious, gritty sound where the problems from family and within spill into trepidation and anger. To stave off the animal within, Act II (Boar) deals in consumption and sedation to run away from the problems evoked in Act I. The beats are slower and bass more ethereal. Substance and escapism consumes the vibes in Act II. The light at the end of the tunnel or maybe darkness comes in the final Act. Sober up and try to cure that hangover because the world continues to spin despite your turmoil.

Creatures is a three act project. Each act is a different tone or mood that embodies our brand of RPxSB, an abbreviation for our names and our mantra, Rock Plaid and Survive Bullshxt. Act I (Things That Kill Me Inside) is the moodier, more melancholy side of us. When your friends and family and personal problems consume you to a state of anger and angst. Act II (Boar) is the aftermath of Act I. When you indulge in the vices and say f**k it. Nothing matters. This is the turn up. Act III (JOPO, an acronym for Jack Off Pass Out) is the aftermath to the aftermath. The come down if you will. A stop and smell the roses moment. Nothing still matters, yet everything does. 

RP&SB hail from San Francisco. The two have been telling their story through music and other artistic mediums. They navigate all their art through their Vibeland hub, where all three Acts live. Beyond rap music, RP&SB are filmmakers, fashion designers and cartoonists.

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