Vancouver-based Electronica/Synth Pop producer, rx1f has released his first single, Accidents, ahead of his upcoming album release. The song flows like an old school electronica hit with some new flair. Like Peter Gabriel meets M83. rx1f aims to create music for robots by incorporating samples that make you feel like you’re in outer space. Executed exceptionally well, Accidents, has us extremely excited to hear what is there is come in November.

“This album is an end-to-end re-imagination of a maximalist indie punk album that I made with a friend a few years ago, which I can no longer bear to listen to. Shortly after finishing that, I went to see a documentary about the 808, and fell headfirst into making electronic music. The old album has been put into a capsule and shot into space. There are a lot of samples from NASA and other space-related sources on r8c180, you can hear planet sounds on pretty much every track.  My favorite sample was this thing called an earth whistler, which is apparently a radio wave caused by lightning in the atmosphere. It sounds like a quick little filter sweep.”

rx1f is still a mysterious figure, allowing his art to speak for himself. Born in Nova Scotia and now based in Vancouver, the self-taught producer and musician is going to make waves with his music for robots. r8c180 will be independently released on November 13th.

Check out Accidents down below!

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