What’s that smooth jazz coming from the hot, tropical climate of Florida? Craigology has been producing all sorts of vibes for years now. Developing his own signature soundscape in the world of jazz, reggae, calypso, and even blending some elements of electronica. In his latest release, Garden Tourist, Craigology delivers a heavenly array 6 unique tracks. There is no shortage of soul when diving into Craigology’s music as he always delivers it by the dollop.

“Music is not just playing notes or hearing sounds, but it is a way to connect with others and build meaningful relationships.”

His mantra has always been to curate music by connecting to the lessons of life. Struggle, hunger, happiness, exploration, it’s all about what you can experience in this lifetime. Churning it out and putting your emotions into the soundscape is that added bonus that makes the music Craigology produces 100% true to himself. The piano/keyboard player is also well verse in other instruments, and has been jamming out for the past 25 years with no signs of slowing down.

Check out Garden Tourist down below!

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