This is definitely a first for us. Power pop musician, Jenn Vix, drops what she describes a feminist themed single, Mr. Strange. The song and accompanying music is about a woman having a grand old time with a male blow-up doll. The lyrics are an homage to whether or not the doll may not be real, but is in fact very real to Vix. The weirdness of the track and video play into Jenn Vix’ strengths as she embraces the weird to curate a most unique audio-visual experience for listeners, new and old.

“Mr. Strange is an Indie Pop/Trap banger, about a woman who has a lot of fun with a male blow-up doll. You can leave the rest up to your imagination.” 

Jenn Vixx has had quite the extensive background in the music industry. She collaborated with other musicians who have associations with David Bowie, Iggy Pop, and The Cure just to name a few. Her dedication to her craft has been truly remarkable in an industry that can be rather cutthroat to the weird. But, again the weird is what plays into Jenn Vix’ strength and there’s no one stopping her from dancing with the blow-up doll.

Embrace Jenn Vix’ Mr. Strange down below!

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  1. James

    The Weeknd is weird. David Bowie was weird. It’s good to be weird because mid is boring.


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