Back off the heels of their Creatures Act I-III release is San Francisco R&B and rap duo, RP&SB. This time taking a much smoother, chill vibe as oppose to the grittier, aggressive predecessor. Smooth instrumentals and a slower flow give Shaggy Carpets a sort of lounge feel. As the second self-titled track lyrics would suggest, Shaggy Carpets would be a perfect album to listen to on vinyl while smoking a joint. The flows and lyricism that RP&SB have to offer in a saturated rap world that some would say has lost its way in the mainstream, is something everyone should get their ears on. You can’t help but feel a sense of nostalgia as you progress through the album as it ebbs and flows. Clear through the haze when bomb tunes like Sensual/Boom Boom Boom kick things into high motion until you’re quickly slowed down by tunes like Chinchilla.

“There’s definitely a vintage kind of sound and feel to Shaggy Carpets. While still true to RPxSB form with regards to content and subject nature, the production as a whole done in collaboration with good friend/colleague Nomadic is very neo soul grit. Coming at a time after the angst of CREATURES, it’s a surreal, at times, drug induced trip through current life and reality. 

RP&SB continue to extend their branches beyond their music and have naturally evolved into a collective of various art projects. Fashion, comedy sketches, even comics their creativity knows no bounds. Their name even stands for their tagline Rock Plaid & Surviving Bullshit. An homage to their blue collar roots and non-stop working class grind that gets them through the good times and the bad.

Check out Shaggy Carpets down below!

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