There are few acts out there more fun to wake up to than Rufus Du Sol. The Dance Music band is one of the most musically talented outfits in the scene right now, and as such they were asked for a new studio mix for Triple J. The mix includes some amazing cuts only they could drop, including an ID from themselves and Yotto’s infection remix of Underwater to close the whole thing out.

Check out the full mix below!

  1. RUFUS DU SOL- Treat You Better (Purple Disco Machine Remix)
  2. Dole & Kom- Eating Me (feat. Kijana)
  3. Olivier Giacomotto- Lui
  4. Lunar Plane- Tusk
  5. RUFUS DU SOL- All I’ve Got (Gorje Hewek & Izhevski Remix)
  6. Kollektiv Turmstrasse- Ordinary (Lake People’s Circle Motive Remix)
  7. Toni Rio- Closer To You (feat. NivesKa [Sascha Dive’s S2 Remix]
  8. Futuristant- The Future Dance (Rigopolar Remix)
  9. Carlo Whale- Alnitak (Kynan Cosma Remix)
  10. Tunnelvisions- Imaja’s Drum (Innellea’s Cosmic Consciousness)
  11. ID – ID
  12. KH- Only Human
  13. RUFUS DU SOL- Underwater (Yotto Dawn Remix)

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