With everything that’s going on in the politically-charged and polarized United States, Ryan Summers offers his own personal experiences of the inducing cult-like experiences and what happens afterwards when an individual tries to separate from the movement. In his album ‘Undo Influence’, Summers offers an audio experience, where each song and carefully produced to describe the experience. Listens will hear sounds akin to Depeche Mode, Pink Floyd, and Mark Pritchard.

“My experiences deprogramming from an internet cult about a decade ago is the central theme of Undo Influence. The songwriting highlights what cult experts call ‘floating’, a phenomenon whereby an ex-member is caught between their original pre-cult identity and a second persona developed as a coping response to the cult environment. It’s like slow-motion schizophrenia where you don’t know what to believe, but the emotions are enormous. Seeing all the weird cult shit going on this year with this QAnon group, I figured I would relay some of my own experiences.” 

Sounds that bounce off the album include ‘The Curious Story of Brad Halsey’ and ‘Follow You’ both of which take on a dark undertone mixing thumping house bassline and sounds of screeching dubstep. ‘Holy Criminal’ takes listeners through an almost apocalyptic, industrial sound that invokes the type of rage and raw emotional cults can thrive on. Summers’ closing songs ‘Sons of Gallows’ and ‘There is Nothing For Me Here’ rounds out the feelings of despondency that he must have been feeling when his second persona used for coping began to arise. The album is audio journey of the efforts made to ‘deprogram’ himself from the internet cult.

Listen to ‘Undo Influence’ down below!

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