Carl Cox’s latest message about the pandemic in an interview with Mixmag will be reassuring to anyone trying to urge their fellow raver to be responsible. In an interview with Mixmag, he drove the point home that people should wait until the pandemic ends to go out, despite their temptation to gather in large numbers. The conversation naturally evolved from a discussion of mega-clubs and raves, as well as the reset the dance music community faced when COVID first hit the world the way it did. He made great points about how smaller gatherings will be on the rise first before we can see a bunch of bigger shows again. When asked what we can do as a community in this last leg of the pandemic, the DJ made this point:

“I think what we have to do really is play the waiting game and be patient. If we go out there now, nobody is going to be happy about it. It’s irresponsible to be out there at the moment based on how everyone is trying to do the right thing to get past this.”

There have been several illegal parties around the world since the pandemic started, and videos revealed several hundred in attendance either out of defiance or sheer fatigue as the months have rolled on. Sadly, events like this only serve to extend the pandemic considering the widespread nature of the virus. While typing in chats and watching empty parties on Twitch all day may not be the most ideal situation, it’s much better a choice than watching friends and loved ones wrestle with this still-mysterious-virus, or getting it yourself.

“Having a party in a pandemic, it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. People are still suffering from this and we aren’t out of yet. This isn’t a Steven Spielberg movie called Panic, you know, we are in it and we have to be responsible enough to know that being out there at the moment isn’t the right thing. Everyone is frustrated. Everyone wants to go out and start partying. Everyone wants to have the best time possible. Everyone wants to get back into it, jumping up and down on your mates’ shoulders and going crazy, but this is the long game.” — Carl Cox

Check out the full interview on Mixmag.

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