Romanian DJ/Producer, Sasha Lopez, is riding on his huge wave of over 24 million collective views on YouTube. His latest single, ‘The Blame’, has already garnered over 18,000 views in just one day. Its a deep house track that features effervescent vocals from DHARIA (Daria Comanescu), who sings her heart out with the sorrow lyrics of blame and faith. Sasha Lopez provides prolifically deep basslines that is sure to take this song to the top of charts. Expect hands in the air at a night club dance floor near you for this huge production.

Sasha Lopez is a veteran producer with many accolades. His topped the radio charts across international borders that include Canada, Spain, and Ecuador just to name a few. One production even won the crown of a No. 1 hit on the iTunes Dance charts in Japan. Expect to see Sasha Lopez’ name credited on his own productions and collaborations in the near future!

Listen to ‘The Blame’ down below!

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