Tearing up the dance floor with his synth pop homage to the early days of disco, Portland, Oregon’s own SINES presents ‘Mr Ciao’. This shimmering single is the late night crowd that brings waves arpeggiating synthesizers coupled with a rolling bassline. Christina Siravo lends her voice to the song’s lyrics and gives it proper retro-wave feels. Infectiously catchy, SINES set his synth to stun and executed it grace.

“The inspiration for this record came from my experiences dancing in nightclubs in my early youth and the magic I feel when I hear a kick ass dance record. I wanted to make a record inspired by those sweaty hedonistic nights and something that was classic in a way. I think a lot of dance music is boring and I wanted to write something that was insanely catchy like a pop song but that also came from a culture of dance music and that paid respect to proper dance music going all the way back to disco.”

Influenced by the likes of Kraftwerk, Vince Clarke, Giorgio Moroder, Donna Summer, Blondie, ABBA and similar artists as a teenager, Jason Wann has always felt a deep connection with music. This passion solidified after the purchase of his first synthesizer and thus, SINES, was born. Drawn into the new wave scene, Wann has set out to curate and produce music that is eager to please listeners of electronic music.

Check out ‘Mr. Ciao’ down below!

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