The first-ever ComplexCon is happening next month and what better way to prepare than gaining some insight from an interview with Skrillex from Complex. Performing at the first-ever ComplexCon in November, this isn’t the first time Skrillex has spoken with them, tracking back to 2014. Fast-forward to now, and he’s got even more gossip and news to spill. The interview covers a wide range of topics from his recent chart-topping single with Rick Ross “Purple Lamborghini,” that was the soundtrack to “Suicide Squad,” to a recent update on his relationship with Deadmau5 after calling him a fucking bully, Skrillex dives into every aspect of his career.

With a long and impressive list of artists Skrillex has collaborated with, Bruno Mars can now be added to that list. A fan himself, he talks about his work with Bruno on his upcoming 3rd LP.

“I’m joining him for his album. Who knows if I’ll do something that’s more of a Skrillex thing with him, but he has a vision for his album, and I’m helping him produce it on some of the songs. It’s incredible. He’s my favorite songwriter to work with, and he’s the most fun guy to be in the studio with.”

Another project he worked on included Rihanna’s ghost writer, Bibi Bourelly, and Kehlani, on a track called “Chillin,” but we’re all waiting for its release, including Skrillex. “It’s kind of sitting there and I want it to come out, but I don’t know the status of that when it comes to Bibi’s schedule and Kehlani’s schedule. Complex, you should bug them to get their shit together and release it.”

The interview lets us dive into the genius mind if Skrillex and gain an insight into his busy life and who he’s working with. One thing for sure, you can definitely expect chart-topping tracks circulating the radio and every music platform soon enough.

Read the full interview here and read a detailed update on the life of Skrillex.

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