Right of the bat you can tell SONI is an artist that sings from the soul. It’s really refreshing to hear an artist that can take feelings and personal experiences and redefine in an art form. For Soni, its in her voice and and songs. ‘Savage’ is the final tune to close out her 3-track EP, ‘Rebel Star’. The message is quite clear and simple:

“The song “Savage” speaks to all the women in the world fighting past the dark challenges of life and making it.”

‘Savage’ has grit. You don’t get too many of these in todays saturation of factory chopped pop tunes and generic dance music. No, what SONI does with ‘Savage’ is one that can resonates with everyone.

Finding inspiration in the UK early on with disco and old school hip-hop, SONI found herself singing in gospel choir at an early age. Working her way through the music industry after turning 18, SONI would gain access to collaborate with artists like DJ Phoenix and win accolades like Prince’s Trust Award. She would then go on to sing with Buttercuts Records’ 13-piece band “The Pistachios”, before setting off on her own solo journey in music.

Check out ‘Savage’ down below!

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