While many struggle with self-identity nowadays, there always seems to be a niche in music that accepts anyone. Scotty Seed has found his own solace in pop music, drawing influences from his idols: Britney Spears, Cher, and Ricky Martin just to name a few. He incorporates a wide variety of popular electronic dance music (trap and electro house) and sings over the layers that create a pop feel to it. As we enter the second half of October and the spooky season of Halloween is just upon us, Scotty Seed is proud to present his sophomore album, Hallows Eve.

The self-titled second track is really a tell all in determining whether this style of pop music will resonate with you. I believe it has a splash of inspiration from the incredible pop goddess, Kim Petras, and her own releases of spooky tunes and bangers during Halloween. With the accompanying music video, Scotty Seed is shown with an outrageously savage hair style and wide array of neck chains as he sings ‘Hallows Eve’. Its wild, cringy, a little comical, but entertaining at the same time. I couldn’t stop watching.

As I briefly noted before, Scotty Seed struggled with identity during his teenage years, vying towards the arts to satiate his passionate hunger. He connected with all genres of music and that passion would eventually connect him with renowned vocal coach, Katie Agresta, whose clientele range from Bon Jovi to Cyndi Lauper. Scotty Seed is also a strong advocate for mental health and the LGBTQ+ community and uses the arts for escapism and as safe space for all.

Check out ‘Hallows Eve’ down below.

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