We caught up with up and coming, Mexican artist Kalami; as he fires up his new single, ‘My Heart Beats’ – delivering a big dose of sun drenched vibes, with summer now in full swing.

Welcome to Global Dance Electronic, Kalami! How’s everything in your world right now? 

Thanks a lot Global Dance Electronic for this opportunity of working along with you. Everything is going very well thanks for asking. Gym, family, work and working on some new releases as well.

How did the concept of Kalami come to life & what’s the meaning behind the name?

Back in 2016 I was playing along with a friend of mine as RNM, we had some music differences so we split and I decided to start working on my own projects. The name was really hard to find, I was asking friends, even making some posts on Instagram and Facebook to find what i needed, or what I wanted, since I wanted the name to fit the type of music. So by summer of 2017 it finally happened. I went to Corfu (Greece) and there is this beach called Kalami, just northeast of the island. So, I really loved the name, and since it was fitting all my needs, you know, Beach, Tropical sense, Dance scene, etc. I decided to adopt the name. 

I also love to give it another meaning sometimes as a joke. Kalamity. 

Let’s discuss your new single, ‘My Heart Beats’ – how long did it take you to produce?

Of course, thanks for asking. ‘My Heart Beats’, surprisingly it was the track that took me less time than the others. I would say 2 months to finish the whole recording and producing process. 

It has a real sunshine vibe; did you always plan to release the record in the summer months?

Actually, I did. This song was finished by September last year (2018), so I took the risk and decided to wait until April or May this year to release it. You know, beginning of the summer, start feeling fresh, beach tropical vibes, etc. 

Looking back at your journey as an artist, what’s been the biggest challenge you’ve faced?

I believe what any other artist faced at the beginning of their careers…. Putting yourself out there. Between other things that have been difficult for me is the fact that I don’t own a studio, so for each track I have to lease one so I can give them the quality that I want. Working with vocalists, is hard for someone like me who’s really picky to find someone that fits your track exactly the way you want. 

But, everything is part of the journey! And I’m grateful for it. 

And on the flip side, what’s been your most significant achievement?

In terms of my career… right now, I don’t know – I’m still in the first phase of my artist journey, I’m sure there will be many ups and downs to come. 

For life in general… to have all things I ever wanted. My own car, my own house, make my own music, having the support of my family and friends and travel a lot! That last one is very significant for me.

What the music scene in your homeland like, currently?

I’m from Mexico. So the music scene here is mostly Latin Music, Urban Latin, Reggaeton and Latin Trap – which is actually something huge in music scene over here. Besides that, Mexican country music, like Banda Music or Norteño and Mariachi, which is something you can find on almost every corner.

As for EDM, it is really big – but only in Central Mexico. Places like Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey. As well as some beach areas like Cabo and Cancun, of course. 

If you could collaborate with any artist in the world, who would that be & why?

Easy. GALANTIS and DAFT PUNK would be my first choices. Daft punk it’s a duo that I’ve been listening since I was 7 years old, those guys are geniuses when it comes down to produce. Galantis. Well there is not Galantis track that I don’t like. They always put a lot of freshness, tropical but fun melody in their tracks, along with some other genres. So If there’s an artist that I would die to work on something, that would be them. Of course, Don Diablo, Swedish House Mafia, Alesso, David Guetta, Martin Garrix, Kygo amongst others. I think is really important to collaborate, mostly because I know great things can come out of 2 styles and/or 2 minds. And that’s musically beautiful.

And finally, what’s next in the pipeline for Kalami in 2019 & beyond?

Well, for 2019 – I’m currently finishing 3 projects, I will most probably release 2 of them from now to December. I just released a brand new track right after “My Heart Beats” which is called “High On Life” and it is a collaboration. Other than that I have no extra plans but to travel and come back home to work on giving you guys some new music.

As for 2020, I’m working on a new EP/album, where some friends and I decided to record 2 songs each, in an acoustic unplugged style – which I think that’s something really cool. ‘My Heart Beats’ was actually my first choice. And I think is gonna be something Interesting/different because each of us make a completely different kind of music genre. So yeah, its gonna be real fun. Plus, I want to release another 2 new tracks of my own followed an EP by September 2020.

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