A former business partner of Steve Angelo filed a lawsuit against the Swedish solo act, litigating the case in Los Angeles Court. In the suit he alleges Fraud, broken business contract and crimes against property management. The suit is for roughly $12.9 million, according to the original report from Expressen. The plaintiff of the case says he was promised a salary and stake in Angelo’s company, neither of which were received.

Angelo does not seem fazed by this, saying the claims have no grounds. At the moment, the company brought up by the plaintiff has not been identified, the salary not specified. Angelo says he’s filed counterclaims already.

“[The suit] lacks grounds and is a lot of fabrications and lies…I do not think about this. Had there been something serious, I [would have] been familiar with it. But I do not care. There are no grounds.”

This story will develop as the case continues.


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