On September 6th, Steve Aoki will he the 6th member of the Backstreet Boys. How on earth does that happen, you ask? Well, take a look at the album cover of his latest single with the classic boyband on Instagram.

In the post, he asks nicely with an upside down smiley if he can join the group.

“Can I be the 6th member,” Aoki asks in the Instagram post.

“Yes, yes you can be,” Backstreet Boys respond in the comments. “Can’t wait for everyone to hear this.”

We’re happy to say they obliged, and the single will be out officially to cement this on the 6th. Will this mean 6 cakes launching off Backstreet Boys concert stages at a time worldwide are in the making?

Check back here to listen to “Let It Be Me” next Friday, September 6th!


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Can I be the 6th member? 🙃 September 6th. #LetItBeMe @backstreetboys

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