Taxes are everyone’s favorite thing, said pretty much no one ever. And when you go somewhere on vacation, you get hit with a lot of taxes meant for tourists. In Vegas, there are hotel taxes that are 13.5% percent, which is kind of crazy.

This tax rate is coming and hitting EDC Las Vegas. In 2018, the festival did something brand new and offered camping for attendees. It was a great set up because you no longer had to deal with the strip and the crazy traffic that came getting to and from the festival to your hotel.

Clark County, Nevada, has now decided to hit Camp EDC with the same tax. In an email sent out to past campers, Insomniac explained that the lodging and hotel strip taxes were not an expected development. As a result, Insomniac will take the blow for the tax cost is you purchase your passes by 11:59 PT on September 2nd, 2019. After that, the sales will reflect the tax. You can still go on a payment plan by purchasing at that time, making it easier for people who know they are headed to EDC and want to avoid that 13.5% increase.

Pass for EDC Vegas 2020 are not on sale yet, but Pasquale in his email promised a special purchase link to come soon.

See the email below:


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