Burning man is an iconic gathering for many reasons. Aside from the music, artwork is exquisitely represented in every art form. The Big Imagination Foundation went all out this year with “the largest moving art experience ever made.”

The Big Imagination Foundation created a moving nightclub right in the middle of a hollowed out 1985 Boeing commercial airline. This isn’t a normal plane anymore, with the tail and side wings removed and the upper deck reinvented, it now includes an open-air rooftop area. The indoor cabins and chairs have been replaced with lounge chairs and couches where people of the Playa can relax and enjoy the view from above the ground. The 50-ton plane will be traveling around Black Rock City as pulled by an aircraft tug car so everyone can experience this piece.

Not only is this moving art piece comfortable to hang out on, but it’s immersive as well, adding an artistic experience to the art car, or plane we should say. Once passengers board the plane, they must answer the question, “What baggage do you need to lose?” This creates an ‘Emotional Baggage Tag’ that goes along with your boarding pass that asks, “Where are you going?” Passengers then find out the answers to these questions on a wall for everyone to interpret in their own way, successfully achieving the artist’s goal of a visual and emotional experience of the art in Black Rock City.

The Big Imagination Foundation is looking into developing a VR app for non-Playa participants to enjoy, as crowdfunded through their IndieGogo campaign.

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