Following the immense support of ‘Think Twice‘ on Hardwell’s podcast, Project North is back to tackle the global airwaves with their latest release ‘Mosaïque’. The song features the voice of Menend, who switches throughout the song between English and Spanish, inviting more multi-lingual listeners to the sound booth. Compared to their debut release, ‘Mosaïque’ takes on a chill, island approach, focusing less on the euphoria of EDM and more on the free-spirited draw of laid-back island music.

Project North is a close collaboration proect between josh Brust and Jeroen Dekker. Together the two are set on a path of something truly special as they make their claim in a crowded space. Their newest single finds homage outside of traditional, commercial dance music and finds a new audience in the realm of dace, hip hop and Latin spaces.

Check out their remix down below!

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