Board shorts and bikinis, tan lines and sunburns, any inflatable floaties you could think of, three-digit temperatures, decorated balconies, and crazy good music. I’m describing this colorful weekend at Splash House in Palm Springs and what it means to have fun in the sun. Summer might almost be over, but Splash House made it feel like summer never ends.

This story has many variations relating to everyone’s experience but here’s how our weekend went at Splash House:

Splash House has three hotels that everyone can circulate, The Saguaro, The Riviera, and The Renaissance. We decided to book a room super early at The Saguaro, with a balcony and pool view of course. Who wouldn’t want to party at their hotel room and be able to hear and see the dance floor from your balcony?

After typical LA traffic, we finally get to Palm Springs and prepare for the first night. Bob Moses was playing live at the Palm Springs Air Museum where everyone from the festival gathered to start off the epic weekend. There’s just something ambient about listening and dancing to blissful music while surrounded by huge planes and jets.

We get back to the hotel where the usual after party shenanigans are about to take place where we partied, laughed, and danced till 4 in the morning.

The Saguaro had a stacked lineup on the first “official” day and we enjoyed the sets from our cool air conditioned room and danced on the balcony when needed. The shuttles were very effective and we barely had to wait in line every time we wanted to go to a different hotel. They also doubled as a party bus when the music was blasting, the lights were flashing, and the stripper pole was being used. Let’s just say we couldn’t hear after that ride back to our hotel… We did, however, listen to Catz ‘N Dogz from our room before heading back out for the night.

Justin Jay played a gnarly set at The Renaissance on Saturday, and somehow we ended up at his after party at an impressive hotel room which was decked out in lights and eager party people. We mustered enough energy to make it back to the Air Museum that night for James Murphy’s 5-hour DJ set. That was magical, to say the least and the crowd couldn’t have been better as the vibes were

Sunday came along and once again The Saguaro had a lineup we couldn’t miss. We started our day off at the pool with some deep vibes from Eli & Fur. The pool was refreshing, for the first ten minutes at least. Be smart like us, bring a fan or mister, or even two-in-one! Thankfully, the pools had free cold water and misters to keep us cool. Unfortunately for some, the hotels were strict on floaties and only allowed small ones due to concerns of drowning. The Riviera thought otherwise.

The party really started when Desert Hearts took over The Saguaro Saturday afternoon and heated up the already hot dance floor. The number of people doubled in a short amount of time when Mikey Lion, Lee Reynolds, Porkchop, and Marbs went on, throwing down a funky ass set. News spread that the desert hearts crew were having a secret balcony after party, but due to unforeseen circumstances, and probably hotel rules, it didn’t happen.

To end the night, we had to see Big Gigantic at The Riviera. It was packed and his set had everyone going crazy, splashing, dancing, and all around having the best time of their lives. The night was complete when he brought out his Saxophone, and the tunes kept on coming! After that, we had to save our energy for our next adventure.

We heard through the grapevine that there would be a Desert Hearts after party at a mansion outside of Palm Springs. We end up in Rancho Mirage at a seven room mansion with a huge pool, billboard room, cute dog, and tennis court. Talk about lavish. After a full night of catching up with friends, meeting new ones, and listening to some live mixing, we decide to call it a night, which marked the end of Splash House weekend.

One thing we can’t forget to express is keeping hydrated, using sunscreen, and keeping your friends close! There isn’t the right amount of adjectives to describe Splash House, but we can’t wait until next year!

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