The pandemic has put a halt to all of the live music events that we know and love. While we aren’t anywhere near being able to return to normal (and predictions say that it won’t be possible until 2022), people have been thinking outside the box so that we can still enjoy music somehow. The closest solution to normal has been drive-thru concerts. People pay per car, and the concert is held at some kind of outdoor venue. Each car is given a certain amount of space, where your car of people is supposed to stay with. Masks are usually mandated at these events, and it seems to be what the new normal is going to be for the time being. It lets people listen to music live and hopefully do it safely.

This past weekend, The Chainsmokers held a drive-thru concert in the Hamptons for a good cause. The tickets were not cheap – with the least expensive one pricing at around $1,000. The proceeds went to benefit two different charities,  No Kid Hungry and Children’s Medical Fund of New York. Sounds like a great event, doesn’t it?

It could have been, except for the fact that it seems that public health guidelines were thrown to the wayside during the concert. Although it was said that every temperature was checked, people were confined to 20×20 parking spots, bathrooms were 6 feet apart, masks at all times when going to the bathroom, and hand sanitizer for everyone, the social media uploads told a different story. Photos and videos showed people close together, not wearing masks, and essentially not respecting the pandemic.

People have gone to social media to rip The Chainsmokers apart. Here’s to hoping another outbreak doesn’t come from this event, especially in a state that has been at the forefront of keeping it contained.

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