Paul Oakenfold’s brainchild of a music awards show is one that landed a significant amount of attention when it was announced; so much that the first iteration of it had the sudden pressure of being an incredibly successful affair. With this in mind, the organizers have decided to postpone the first show until the fall. In an official statement, a representative had these positive words to say:

“As this is the first year of the awards, we have the luxury of flexibility, which we are taking advantage of to decide the optimal timetable to present the awards. With this opportunity, we felt that it would better to represent the electronic music calendar in the fall rather than the spring.”

Judging by the initial list of nominees and type of awards, this is to be a holistic program with the goal of unifying the Electronic community. That kind of mission and vision is understandably going to take more time to perfect.

Stay tuned for more info on a new official date for the show to take place.


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