Cruel satire is bound to come from music consumers and artists saline concerning Avicii’s departure from music, but those making the jokes are probably doing so without understanding the full picture behind his leave from performance. Mixmag divulges some of the big factors of Tim Bergling’s issues, including an alcohol problem that stemmed from nerves before going on. Considering the his frequent tour dates he’s been on, between January 1, 2011 and January 1, 2016 alone, Avicii played somewhere in the vicinity of 220 DJ sets in 261 weeks. This kind of behavior hit a constant and took away from his health in a serious fashion, leading to two diffrent sudden breaks in the last two years.

“Avicii leaves the live touring era of his career behind him with $75 million (USD) in the bank and a level of one-name stardom on par with Guetta and TiĆ«sto. Add this in with his ability to place songs for corporate tie-ins as well as prodigious production potential and the space exists for him to continue making big bucks in a much safer way. ” – Mixmag

We hope Avicii comes out on top of all this soon and can contribute the music he has again, even if he can’t play it out.


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