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You’re probably wondering what Las Vegas’s richest minds are going to come up with next. It seems like the latest answer is a lake resort. Where in the world is there water in Vegas, you ask? The $1.6 Billion that Steve Wynn is about to drop to make this a reality will find the answer to that real quick.

Set to replace the golf course right behind the Wynn and Encore right now, this new resort (called Paradise Park) will feature sandy beaches, a boardwalk, 1,000 rooms, firework displays and a brand new nightclub (cause Vegas TOTALLY needs another nightclub, right?) among other things we’re sure to find out. Knowing Wynn is undergoing this project with the intent of drawing in an higher amount of money than what the current space is used for, which Paradise Park could bring in $300 million to $400 million, we can’t help but entertain the fact that there will be some quality music set to hit whatever they call the new nightclub that is supposed to be in this new resort.

We have a chance to reinvent Las Vegas and make the whole venue an entertainment attraction … an idyllic beach paradise surrounded by white sand beaches,” Wynn told investors. “People come to Las Vegas from all over the world to live large and have a good time and we can dish up an irresistible entertainment attraction.”



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