Don’t freak out! Factory 93 – Eric Prydz (Cirez D) & Adam Beyer is really happening during EDC Week 2019

For those who traveled to Los Angeles this past November, you probably attended one of the biggest parties of the decade, Cirez D & Adam Bryer at the Hollywood Palladium. People in LA saw the two legends go back to back for a few hours in a hot sweaty venue with thousands of people dancing to the same beat. Fans raved for days about how epic this B2B was, which they still talk about it months later hoping for another party to happen. Fans who stayed at home were forced to see clips via Snapchat or Instagram. Leaving us all with mad fomo… till now.

Luckily for those going to EDC Vegas 2019, Insomniac and Collective Zoo have teamed up to bring you something special.

The Factory 93 presents Eric Prydz (Cirez D) & Adam Beyer during EDC Week 2019 on Thursday, May 16, 2019, at the world-famous Downtown Las Vegas Events Center. If you missed out on their LA show or just want to witness this epic B2B one more time then come join us. Tickets to Eric Prydz (Cirez D) & Adam Beyer at Downtown Las Vegas Events Center are on Sale Friday, March 1, 2019, at 12:00PM PST. Please note that this event is 18+ and will go from69PM – 1AM.


Want to win TWO tickets? Comment below with “I want to see Eric Prydz & Adam Beyer in Vegas for EDC Week”


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  1. Howard A Cornwell

    I want to see Eric Prydz (Cirez D) & Adam Beyer and their epic b2b performance. I love their music, and have seen their amazing production only online.

  2. Howard A Cornwell

    Im a huge fan of the 2 djs / producers. I have yet to see these guys do a b2b set. it would be amazing to have a chance to see these 2 combine talents and make us dance #GoodVibes #HouseMusic #Techno #LetsDance

  3. April Yu

    I want to see Eric Prydz & Adam Beyer in Vegas for EDC Week so badly!!!! Already spent so much for EDC can’t afford this 😭😭😭

  4. Vladimir Zaytsev

    I want to see Eric Prydz & Adam Beyer in Vegas for EDC Week


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