The drive-in rave fad has taken a worldwide effect. Starting in Europe then making its way over the United States as the closest thing we have right now to attending a festival. A couple of weeks ago Elon Musk took to Twitter to tease his followers about the idea of holding an “indoor/outdoor rave space” at his new Tesla factory in Berlin. Today Elon Musk once more takes to Twitter to ask about techno in the most ‘Elon Musk-y’ way you can, “Sure could use a good rave What’s your favorite techno”. Now, what makes this even better, Tiesto tweets later on asking Elon if they should be the ones to host a “drive-in party”. Trying to get on the invite list? You have to be a Tesla owner. Talk about trying to get on the guest list.

So car raves have circled back over to the other side of the globe once more. When you compare the data it seems apparent that they are also more capable of hosting a truly safe COVID free event. Currently, in Berlin, their death record for COVID-19 was reportedly under 300 which compared to the U.S., much better is an understatement.

No event can ever claim to be perfect, however so far with the drive-in events we’ve seen in the U.S., it doesn’t look too good. Drezo told fans that he tested positive for COVID after his show with Seven Lions in Arizona. The Chainsmokers right now are facing serious backlash after performing in the Hamptons. The drive-in raves concept isn’t a terrible idea but it is not a 100% sure way of avoiding COVID either. So let’s see how Elon and Tiesto pull off this Telsa rave but you know whatever turns out being it will be nothing short of Elon’s expectations.

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