The days of building hype with slow announcements and social media tricks…are still here, don’t fool yourself– luckily for those on the Tomorrowland train, they chose not to play That this year. Their new Amicorum Spectaculum Will be the host of several stages, all of which were announced yesterday.


The lIneup is now easier to predict, as some hosted stages almost completely beget appearances by artists associated with the host label in question. For example, the STMPD records hosting job means the imprints founder Martin Garrix will probably be stepping into the lineup, and the appearance of the first ever Monstercat stage is indeed a giveaway to many of the most prominent artists rearing their head. The lineup is coming soon so we’ll have to wait to throw all the names into the confirmed purple, but let us know who you think is performing based on the list you see above.

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