It has been a minute, but Travis Scott’s Astroworld is finally upon us. With an August 3rd release date officially confirmed, Travis has come out swinging in full blown promotional mode. The mysterious artist has dropped off a new trailer for the project, complete with a cinematic look at “Stargazing,” one of the album’s surefire bangers. The trailer doubles as a video of sorts, as Travis continues rocking with the outer space motif, navigating a post-apocalyptic landscape aligned with planets and UFOS.

The sheer scope of the trailer suggests Scott’s biggest release to date, with explosions, CGI, and a Direwolf that wandered over from Game Of Thrones. As for the song itself, “Stargazing” finds Travis switching between his regular cadence and an autotune drenched falsetto, singing about the unpredictability of a psychedelics trip; in other words, standard Travis Scott fare.

Peep the trailer now, and sound off below. Are ya’ll hyped for Travis Scott’s Astroworld? The trailer alone has a bigger budget than ninety percent of music videos; who knows what surprises he might have in store. One thing is certain – we won’t have to wait much longer to find out.

For those lucky enough to attend HARD Summer this weekend, Travis Scott is set to headline the festival and you know it’s about to be dumb lit as he will be performing new tracks from Astroworld. Purchase your tickets to HARD directly down below.


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