Trensettahs Sound System, an international reggae collective fronted by DJ Fyahman, is making waves on the global airwaves with their unique approach in the music industry. In a three-pronged attack, the collective is changing the music landscape by curating an annual music festival in Ethiopia, releasing an album with artists from Jamaica, the United State, Ethiopia, and Colombia and a 5-part docu-series that follows the collective to Colombia. Featured on the albums first release is Colombian music group, the Kalama Crew, and Internationally acclaimed reggae artist, Sizzla Kalonji. La Fiebre brings the raucous and sets the direction that the Trensettahs Sound System that they’re not here to mess around.

The festival, album and docu-series is a culmination of work towards the Black Sounds of Freedom. A collection of art and more importantly, a movement showcasing the diaspora that all leads back to to Africa. Trensettahs Sound System founded in 2015 with the goal of celebrating reggae music and fans that spans across the globe. Afro-futurists pushing their passion in the arts with the collective efforts of tech pioneers, musicians, business folks and thinkers.

Check out La Fiebre down below!

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