Festivals that were planned for early 2021 are already on the rescheduling train, Ultra being one of them. The festival, which takes place every March in Miami, was one of the first festivals that was canceled last year when the pandemic reared its ugly head. Now, with a vaccine rollout that won’t be anywhere near completed until the summer, the festival is looking to push ahead to 2022.

Many spring festivals are pushing as hopefully to the fall, but Ultra is going straight to next year. According to a letter obtained by Billboard, the organizers are ready to announce this year’s cancellation but are requesting that the CIty of Miami officials approve their permit for next year. This makes sense – giving 2021 ticket holders something tangible to look forward to.

The letter stated that Ultra anticipates that the City, “will again invoke the Force Majeure clause” because of the threat of COVID-19 to festival-goers. Since the contract requires that the festival take place over a single weekend in March, they are asking for March 25, 26, and 27, 2022.

The 2021 festival didn’t have a lineup announced, perhaps in realizing that this year would be a tough event to pull off. The Ultra official statement is that they are working with the city partners and plan to release an official festival update soon.

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