We’d say Vice is one of the more subversive publications when it comes to the EDM world, always offering funny criticisms of the dance music scene as well as promoting some amazing music themselves. This is why it came as a surprise when their response to Salvatore Ganacci’s Borat-esque performance at the Tomorrowland Stage drew their criticism and…borderline outrage?

Not to be outdone by a DJ asking an entire crowd to relax their anus the previous year, Ganacci did pretty much anything he could to make a complete fool of himself onstage. Be it a parody of EDM DJs or a completely serious need for attention, it was a complete comic relief. Noisey posted the video themselves and used it to…invalidate the entire festival?

“If your flavor of entertainment borders on masochistic, this is for you. If nothing else, it’s a small reminder of why Tomorrowland is one of the worst festivals in the world,” the article goes on to say. To go that far is a bit silly; as we’ve covered before, Tomorrowland provides one of the most diverse lineups in the world and gives fans who can’t go a front row seat to an insane amount of otherwise exclusive tracks, moments and an array of shots that capture the jaw-dropping settings that ID&T provides. To say it’s the worst is…well, pushing it. Have you heard of Fyre fest?

For those who haven’t seen the video, watch it below. You may read that VICE article here.

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