UPDATE: The BPM Festival has issued an official statement in regards to the video below. The security guards in the video are members of the private security firm PSG – Seguranca Privdada that was hired by the venue NoSoloAgua. The festival organizers are doing all within their power to investigate the situation that ensued with the local authorities and are asking all those involved to step forward.

We are appalled by this incident and are doing our best to take action against the perpetrators. They have been identified as members of the private security firm PSG – Seguranca Privada, S.A., hired by the venue NoSoloAgua. This is completely unacceptable professional behavior and we are working with local authorities on the matter. We cherish our fans that come to BPM and they deserve the utmost respect and hospitality as our guests. If you have any information about this incident or can put us in touch with the victim, please email [email protected].

A video has surfaced that shows the graphically disturbing footage of physical altercations between security personnel and festival attendees. The BPM Festival recently kicked off their first experience at a new location in Praia da Rocha in Protimao and Lagoa, a lavishing beach-side tattered in regaling resorts. The festival experience was identical to their previous experiences in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, where the festival was actually a composition of label-sponsored club nights and day parties.

The below captures the events unfolding in the middle of it and unfortunately the events that began the altercations are unknown to us at this time. It begins with security personnel surrounding a detained attendee sitting on the ground. Another festival attendee approaches security and is quickly punched in the face and chased after he attempts to get involved and touched a security personnel’s arm. All hell seems to break loose as security attacks another attendee and they begin to disperse with the original detained attendee. Fans throw sand at the retreating security personnel and the attendee capturing the footage claims that he was forced to the delete the video, but was still able to retrieve the footage in his recently deleted folder.

Got to love technology. See the footage down below and make your own judgments for now. We will update as soon as more information becomes available.

Lovely security at no solo água on Sunday… attacking people un-provoked for apparently no reason!! the lady in white…

Posted by Reice Donnelly on Tuesday, September 19, 2017

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