What a time, indeed. The polar opposite of DJ-who-must-not-be-named over on cosmicMEADOW occurred a wee bit North at The bassPOD when acclaimed producer and Vegas club regular Metro Boomin popped Drake into the action and caused thousands of fans to rush up to the stage. Boomin tweeted the triumphant moment on his Twitter, showing the whole thing from his perspective. When he came out and started playing ‘Jumpman’, he inspired a crowd response that can only be achieved by a titanic recording artist. Not only did Boomin get our city right, it he kept the music coming more than the mic talk, but he knew the best way to keep the party going with his unique style of beats. Yes, it’s an electronic festival, but a small break from the usual can be fun too.

Watch Metro Boomin’s video below alongside other vids recorded from fans.

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