Cercle is a powerful fusion of dope beats and incredible views, proven once again with their broadcast of Zhu’s live set from the Japanese Alps. The channel that brought us cinematic shots of Omnia Bali, Iguazu, Bondinho Pao, and many more exotic sites now takes us to a mountain in Nagano that looks over the Iwatake summit. “Producing a show on top of a mountain always means more as the risks are higher, the weather being so unpredictable,” Pol Souchier from Cercle tells Mixmag. “That being said, the results are also some of the bests shows we’ve produced so far, when the natural elements have aligned the composition between the music and the magnificence of a sunset on top of a snowy mountain can be breathtaking and induce unique emotions for such a show.”

Zhu’s set is a trip through the heavenly deep sounds he enjoys for two hours, with plenty of IDs squeezed in the middle for your enjoyment. Check the full set out below and peep the tracklist via 1001 here.

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