New York-raised, LA-based singer and songwriter, XIMXIA is prepping for her album debut ‘Anywhere But Here’ which drops very soon! ‘Pretend’ is a snippet of what’s to come from this versatile artist who is sure to rock the airwaves. ‘Pretend’ takes you on XIMXIA’s serious approach as she sings of the calamities and insecurities of heartbreak. You’ll find it very revealing and showcases a true picture of what you want from an artist.

Beyond the single, much of the EP circles around themes of break-ups, leaving a city, and starting anew. It couldn’t come at more perfect time as we see people’s live uprooted and migrating all over the country perhaps for the same reasons or because of the economic disasters of the pandemic. Collaborating and working closely with XIMXIA on her upcoming release is none other than #1 Billboard Producer Ted Kurie.

XIMXIA’s Anywhere But Here EP drops October 2020.

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