Gone From My Sight is gearing up to release their upcoming album ‘Twenty Twenty’ on October 16, 2020. This one’s for all the lovers of music and lyrics with a darker tone. I mean they got their band name from book given those who were in hospice care. The band is incredibly talented and their music will make you happy, ecstatic, sad, and maybe want to cry. Unapologetically emotional, but exactly the kind of sounds we want to hear even during the bleak times of a global pandemic. ‘Voices on a Plane’ provides listeners, new and old, with a jovial sense of dancing in your room all time listening to the lighter side of indie rock, while songs like ‘The Float’ really bring the mood down to the opposite end of spectrum. Embrace the anxiety, melancholia to the happiness and pure joy that Gone From My Sight Provides on their next album.

“Basically, it’s lo-fi indie synth rock with hand claps and an 808, and a very sad, paranoid voice wondering why we’re all here, where we’re going after, and if it even matters. The kick drums thud slowly but loudly like beating hearts, and of course inevitably fade out.” -Gone From My Sight

The band is a duo made up by Quinn Raymond and Keith Watts. You’ll find their sound similar to that of Radiohead, Aphex Twin, and LCD Soundsystem. ‘Twenty Twenty’ will be available on digital release as well as a wicked vinyl that you can pre-order on their bandcamp. If there’s any album that fits the mood of this year, its ‘Twenty Twenty’.

Check out the album preview down below!

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