Ever decide to take the gloves off after someone’s mansion shows up in your feed? Well, it’s all thanks to this that a producer by the name of ABSRDST decided to finally break his silence yesterday concerning what he feels to be a plagiarization of his own work.

Zedd’s hit anthem with Alessia Cara “Stay” is undoubtedly one of his biggest to date. It is likely one of the big reasons why the producer was able to purchase the $16 Million mansion that he tweeted out last week. This…didn’t amuse ABSRDST, who until now was keeping silent on how he felt. The track “Skin Contest” was released in 2014 and actually features another producer, JSTJR. ABSRDST put time into an Ableton project that compared the snares and the melody, with stay pitched up a bit:


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The tracks sound a bit similar with aid from that video, but we hesitate to say that Zedd intended to do this. JSTJR has yet to comment on the similarities.

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